Good News: Discount Code for Fluency Now!

I finally got the discount code from Western Standard (the company that made and sells Fluency Now) after nagging them about it for 7 months!


You can now get a 25% discount if you enter my code when purchasing a subscription to Fluency Now. This code can be applied to all kinds of plans. (I disclose that I also get a small commission from the sales.) A 25% discount is not a huge reduction but is still quite helpful.


For your new and renewal of subscription, use this code: bryanlee


You can make the purchase here:




Here are some information and discussions regarding Fluency Now (and CAT tools).

  1. Check out my posts under CAT Tools
  1. forum page about Fluency Now (You may need membership to view the page)
  1. Western Standard’s official info page
  1. Fluency tutorial video

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