Translation Courses Overview

What This Page is About

The structure of Happy Translator Academy is as follows.

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The page you are reading right now is a page showing what kind of translation courses are available at Translation Courses (bottom right of the image above).


Translation Courses Tree

To show you in one glance which categories each translation course is in, how they relate to each other, and which course is suited for your need, etc., I’ve drawn up a Translation Courses Tree.

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(Course names are clickable, leading to the corresponding course description page.)

Looking at the above image, you can see the roots and three branches (so, 4 groups in total).

The roots: Foundational Courses
Branch 1: Courses for Particular Fields
Branch 2: Translation Business Courses
Branch 3: Technical Courses
Out of those, the roots (Foundational Courses) and the middle branch (Translation Business Courses) will apply to every translator, while the branches on either side may or may not be needed depending on your situation and choice. For example, the Learn How to Use Fluency in Under One Hour E-Course would be useful for those using Fluency Now but not necessary at all for those not using Fluency Now.

Through that image, I wanted to express what the main objective of a certain course is and what courses are related courses that belong in the same group. I hope this has made it easier for you to recognize what courses you would need depending on what stage you’re in, what you feel you lack, and what field you want to specialize in, etc.


You can click the courses you are interested in to see the course description either on this page or after downloading the image file.
You can view roughly twenty percent of any paid course by using the Preview Courses function.
You can also purchase these courses at a 10% discount that comes with the newsletters.
This page is simply a guide page. You can navigate and click any course in the Translation Courses page itself.