The Basics of Proofreading: Proofreading by the Translator Himself/Herself

In this post we will look at ‘proofreading by the translator’ which is the beginning of the proofreading process. If CAT tools aren’t used, this phase will simply involve fixing errors using spelling and grammar check on Word and smoothing out the flow of the overall text. This isn’t too different from general writing. When CAT tools are used, however, things are a little different.
Generally, CAT tools can increase a translator’s productivity by surprising amounts, but it’s difficult to carry out the entire job within the tool. Even when this is technically possible, it’s not always the best option. Thus, moving content worked on in the CAT tool (this process is called exporting) into external programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), and the tasks that follow are necessary when CAT tools are used. Tasks that follow after exporting the file may differ depending on the type of job done on the CAT tool or the type of CAT tool used. Below is a list of tasks that I think are better to do outside the CAT tool.

  • Basic revision (grammar, spelling, etc.), making the text flow smoothly (improvement of readability)
  • Checking if the format needs to be corrected (making sure tables, lines, etc., are created correctly)
  • Checking if parts of the text are bolded, italicized, or underlined correctly
  • Inserting hyperlinks
  • If the pages of the source document and target document must correspond accurately (this is called ‘pagination’), making sure the pages correspond to each other by checking the font size and spacing

Most of the above tasks can be done on Word. I use Word for these types of tasks when possible because Word was designed for this kind of work, which makes it easy and convenient.
For basic revision (grammar, spelling, etc.) and improvement of readability, you can use the ‘Spelling and Grammar’ function under the ‘Review’ tab. I’ve included a screenshot below for those who may need a reference.

Spelling and Grammar Function
Spelling and Grammar Function

There are some complicated ways to insert hyperlinks, but I use a very simple method. I copy the part in the source document with the link and copy it into the target document and . This is probably the simplest method. For websites, this method can be used easily, but things get a bit trickier with words that have hyperlinks in the text. But even for these, I first copy the word in the source document with the hyperlink and paste it into the middle of a word in the target document. Then I integrate it into one word, and erase the unnecessary letters. This is the simplest method. (You should try it!)


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