How to Participate in the Internet Translation Market E-Course


The birth of course background

This course consists of information that’s already on my blog. However, for those who are just beginning their translation work, I’ve organized it more compactly and systematically so as to deliver only the most urgent and necessary information. Basically, this course will present you with strategies for registering yourself with different companies on the internet marketplace, contacting, communicating and ultimately getting work from agencies, how to work on your translation, and lastly how to grow your translation career stably long-term.
This course also contains some useful files such as templates and invoice. With this course, I hope to help those of you who have always wanted to set sail on a translator career path but were hesitant as it is designed to help you take that first step forward. In other words, it will propel you and push you into taking the first step. I believe the information provided in this course will help you understand the bigger picture as well as keep you from making those mistakes which are commonly committed by people new to doing translation work.


How to Use This Course

This course is designed so that anyone can take it and learn everything on-line by themselves. It is not a conventional course where you need to be at a set place at a set time. All you need is an internet connection, and you can take this course whenever you want and at whatever pace you desire. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a complete absence of rules is the way to go. That may hamper progress. I recommend you come up with your own set of rules to make sure you make consistent progress with the course. (For example, you can decide to spend, “2 hours every day, 5 days a week.”)
In order to move on to lesson 2, you need to first finish lesson 1. Each lesson contains several units. For beginners who are completely new to online translation work, you should go over each unit in each lesson carefully and apply and practice what you learn. But or those who are somewhat familiar with the work, you may have already done some of the things that course covers (such as making a Paypal account, using Skype, making a profile, etc). So depending on your personal circumstance, you may skip over certain units you don’t need. At the end of each course, there is a quiz which will help you summarize the contents of that unit and remember them. Though it may appear a bit elementary, the quiz is designed to help engrave the knowledge in your head, so make sure you complete the quiz and not skip over it. Also, if you have a wrong answer on the quiz, ask yourself, “Why is this wrong?”, then go back and review the unit one more time. (By the way, I really tried to make these quizzes fun for you guys.)


Who will benefit from this course?

– Those who are sure they are suited and ready for the job and would like to begin their career as a translator.
– Those who have been wanting to work as a translator but didn’t know how to begin.
– Those who wish to minimize the trial and error process of most beginner translators go through when they start working.
– Those who have been working as translators only in Korea because they they didn’t know about the online internet marketplace.


What you can accomplish by taking this course

– You can form a bigger picture about the translation career and therefore are able to create a road map for the future.
– You will learn the specifics of what you will need (other than aptitude and skills) in order to work as a translator and how to get prepared in the shortest amount of time possible.
– You’ll learn in detail how to register yourself with companies in the online marketplace and create a profile.
– You’ll learn in detail how the bidding process works within the online translation market and how you should go about bidding for jobs.
– You’ll have a general understanding of how CAT tools work and learn how to use Fluency (one of many CAT tools available).
– You’ll learn how to edit a simple text using a PDF file.
– You will learn which direction to take your translation career and what you should be working on in your spare time through the use of a career roadmap.


Estimated duration of time needed to take this course:

6 weeks


Course Table of Contents

Introduction: “How to Participate in the Internet Translation Market” E-Course

Lesson 1: A Translator’s Career
– Characteristics of a Translator’s Career
– The Translator’s Aptitude and Level of Preparation
– The Stages and Settling Time of a Translator’s Career

Lesson 2: Preparing to Become a Translator
– Tools to Prepare
– Email Address
– Making a PayPal Account
– Making a Skype Account
– Invoice File

Lesson 3: Registering on Marketplace Businesses and Creating a Profile
– Registering on Proz
– Registering on TranslatorCafe
– Creating a profile

Lesson 4: Bidding
– Forms of Contact
– How to Decide Whether to Participate in Bidding
– How to Recognize Scammers
– What to Do When You Encounter a Suspicious Company
– Cases Where There’s No Record of the Agency on the Blue Board
– Bidding Phrases
– Probability of Bidding Success
– Setting a Translation Rate
– Heading Towards the Day When You Won’t Have to Bid

Lesson 5: Translation Using CAT Tools
– When Should You Use CAT tools?
– How to Use Fluency
– Link
– Basic Ways to Use Fluency
– How to get CAT Tool Support
– TM Joiner
– Reset Fluency Configuration Program
– Synchronization

Lesson 6: Translation without CAT Tools
– Template Translation
– PDF Text Box Work

Lesson 7: Communication for Translators
– Various Communication Methods for Translators and How to Train Your Clients
– Clear Communication
– How to Use Email (Gmail) Effectively
– Email Auto Signatures
– Holiday Notification
– Unsubscribe to Unwanted Email
– Reporting Spam

Lesson 8: Medium- and Long-Term Strategies for Translator Growth
– Building a Brand
– Getting Your Pro Title
– Accumulating Feedback
– Specializing
– Increasing Productivity
– Self-Development Through Time Management


Course Preview

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Introduction: “How to Participate in the Internet Translation Market” E-Course
Lesson 1: A Translator’s Career


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