Korean to English Translation – Intermediate


This course helps Korean to English translators with some of difficult linguistic aspects of the Korean language in translation.

The intermediate E-Course (Korean to English Translation – Intermediate) is designed to help those who are already working as Korean to English translators. Since such translators are typically located in an English-speaking country and have little resource in dealing with difficult aspects of Korean, I think this course will come in handy in expecting and actually dealing with some of the most perplexing linguistic phenomena of the Korean language (Hanja, Konglish, proverbs, transliteration rules, formal terms used in various certificates, expressions, Internet abbreviations, etc. The list really goes on.) The following are the lessons in the intermediate course.

Lesson 1: Transliteration rules

Lesson 2: Formal terms used in certificates and some useful certificate files

Lesson 3: Translation of Konglish

Lesson 4: Frequently used expressions

Lesson 5: Proverbs

Lesson 6: Terms related to intellectual property rights

Lesson 7: Frequently used abbreviations on the Internet

(Expected length of study: 6 weeks)


Lesson 4, Lesson 5, and Lesson 7 include long lists and can be tedious to go through. I uploaded these lists to Quizlet, where you can study them in various forms of game. That can be a very effective way for some people and can alleviate the pain of memorizing at least to a certain degree.

There are no clear-cut differences between the basic and intermediate courses and, as you may well know, being a translator means you never stop learning. I will update these lessons and may add some additional lessons in the future.

Apart from the fact that this course description is written in English, these two E-Courses are run in the same way as the other E-Courses on this site:

– The lessons are in the Korean language

– Roughly 20% of the lessons are available for free

– You get lifetime access to the courses once you buy them

– The courses must be purchased separately.

I hope these courses will be helpful and you enjoy them.

Note: The language actually used in the lessons will be Korean.



  1. Jamie (verified owner)

    This course is a great resource for Korean to English translators. The instructor has compiled lists of useful terms and expressions and presented them in a clear and engaging way. I will be returning to these lessons and using them as a reference frequently!

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