How To Approach Sample Translations E-Book


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Background to the birth of this E-book.

When a potential client sends you an email asking for a sample translation, how do you react? Do you feel willing and eager? Or, do does it make you cringe with irritation? A sample translation is a great opportunity to secure a long-term clients by investing a bit of your time and effort, so you should be eager. Also, you don’t need to show up in a suit for an interview or submit some grandiose document, so it really is a simple process. But in reality, most people frown when they receive a sample translation request for a variety of reasons. The same is true for myself.

But if you think about it, a sample translation is a highly effective way to prove one’s skills in the translation market. Even if you don’t have much experience or a fancy looking CV, with a good sample translation, you can win customers who will continue to work with you in the future. And this is the considerable benefit of a sample translation both for clients looking for skilled translators and for qualified translators who want to market themselves as competent professionals.
‘How to Approach Sample Translations’ will guide you so you can approach your sample translation correctly. By reading this book, you will get the following benefits:

• A look at sample translations from the client’s perspective
• Based on this perspective, you’ll learn the strategies that will help you pass the sample translation test.
• You will learn when and how to reject a request for a sample translation.
• You’ll learn how to respond when you feel that you feel you’ve been unfairly disqualified.
• You’ll learn how to tell those who are abusing sample translations.


Who will benefit from this E-book

• People who often submit sample translations
• People who are trying to carve out a place for themselves in the Internet translation market with their sample translations.
• People who feel like they don’t pass the test as often as they should despite submitting good-quality samples.
• People who have been duped of by sample translation abusers.


Estimated time needed to read this e-book: one hour


E-Book table of contents

Chapter 1: Why Do I Keep Getting Asked for a Sample Translation?
Chapter 2: Can I Bypass the Sample Translation?
Chapter 3: If It’s a Necessary Evil, How Can I Do Well on the Sample Translation Test?
Chapter 4: I Didn’t Pass the Test???!!!
Chapter 5: How Can I Effectively Deal With Those Who Abuse Sample Translations?

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