9 Ear-Opening Tips for Freelance Translators Running Single-Person Enterprises E-Book


Who needs this e-book?

Do you feel like your career as a translator lacks a direction and progress?
Do you want to enjoy much free time and be able to make a good living while working as a translator?
Are you wondering how you can work more effectively and reap greater rewards for your work?

Freelance translators are entrepreneurs running a single-person business. And in order to lead their business successfully, they need to be equipped with a business mind-set on top of their translation skills. I’ve complied 9 essential tips to help freelance translators cultivate this mindset in this small e-book which you can read in under 45 minutes.


Estimated time needed to read this e-book:

45 minutes


Table of Contents

Tip 1: Freelance translators constitute single-person enterprises

Tip 2: Know yourself and your enemy to win the battle—a starting point for differentiation and specialization

Tip 3: Don’t complain about the low-end market; just move to a new one.

Tip 4: You’ll always be stuck in the same place no matter how hard you try without a long-term plan

Tip 5: Think like an artist, work like an accountant

Tip 6: Core competencies and additional competencies

Tip 7: Benchmarking

Tip 8: Reengineering

Tip 9: Outsourcing


This product is not an E-course but a short, 35-page e-book. You can read all the text excluding the images in under 45 minutes, and you can download it by clicking the link which will be provided to you after you make the purchase.


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